libbash.sh 1.1: now on Windows!

libbash.sh 1.1 is released and is now available on Windows!

With installing Cygwin, you can run all your bash scripts using libbash.sh on Windows.

Only few functions are not yet compatible (see documentation), but they will be soon.

Please note that a bug affecting versions 1.0 and 1.1 has been fixed in libbash.sh 1.1.1 so I recommand you to upgrade to this version.

See complete changelog here.

Download or clone project on Github.

Release of libbash.sh 1.0

After many improvements, tests and various use cases, libbash.sh assert its maturity with version 1.0.

New with this version : simplification of libbash integration in your scripts, new variables and functions, various improvements in code source.

See complete changelog here.

Download or clone libbash.sh on Github.